Farewell For the Semester

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December 15, 2012 by pfrancis207

Hello my gentlemanly readers,

It appears that we have reached the final week of the semester, which means that I can go in one of two directions here. I can either go for the sob story post in which I express my deep admiration for all of you who have read my posts this semester. Or I can go in the direction of reflection, in which I look back on the semester for what it was (and wasn’t), to the future, and to express my deep admiration for all of you who have read my posts this semester. So I guess it’ll be a bit of a sob story after all.

Through this semester, I’ve tried to maintain a blog that would make you laugh as well as showing you things that would help you live a life of gentlemanly leisure. I’d like to think that I enriched your lives in some minute way. Once the ball got rolling on this blog, I really began to put out more creative posts and even the American Gentleman of the Week series, which was sort of the break out of sorts for my blog.

I felt my content production sort of fell off during the last two weeks, due in large part to the presence of finals and other course assignments. However, I would end up seeing or doing things that would make me think “wow, that would be a great post!” But alas, I would always get swept away in another assignment, and not get to insert it into this blog. For my lack of more than 24 hours in a day, I apologize.

I’m hoping to continue to post during the next semester but, with two jobs, an internship and 4 classes, time will be an even rarer commodity in 2013. However, I hope I was able to give my readers an insight into things they enjoy and want to look into.

So thank you for supporting this project, my dear readers. You gentlemen have been nothing short of tremendous and I tip my cap to you.

Best of luck in all future endeavors,

Peter M. Francis, The Great American Gentleman


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