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December 12, 2012 by pfrancis207

Good afternoon my gentlemanly patrons! Today I am dropping some fine links for you to peruse over during your daily web travels. I’ll keep it short and sweet so as to give you ample time to soak it all in!

The first is The Modern Gentleman, a self described “lifestyle, events and media company that is leading the renaissance of refinement, taste and social savvy.” Truer words were never spoken. Founder jason Tesauro is a world-renowned renaissance man, an expert on all things gentleman, from wine to manners. He is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and even an occasional guest expert on television programs. His book, “The Modern Gentleman” (2002), which he co-wrote with Phineas Mollod, is one of my favorites and was of great influence on my vision for this blog. A must read for any gentleman.

Next is Maxim Magazine, a bit of a departure from the high falutin nature of some men’s tomes. A bit on the tongue in cheek side, Maxim is the magazine for the gentleman with younger brothers running around who are afraid to leave something as risque as Playboy. While Maxim focuses less on the visual element than other men’s publications, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some gorgeous women gracing it’s pages. Give Maxim a shot next time you find yourself by a newsstand or check them out online!

If you are a twitter user, there are innumerable accounts that will make you laugh. However, one takes the cake above all others in this author’s humble opinion. That is “Total Frat Move”, a collection of tweets and various morsels of influence that are equal parts Maxim and The Modern Gentleman. These tweets can be a little risque, but as a college gentleman you’ll find some humor in just about every post they put up. And the best part is that, even if you are not affiliated with any fraternal organization, you’ll find something funny about most of the posts.

As a music conscious gentleman, I find music to be the most important aspect to a healthy, positive life. Therefore, exploring different genres and artists is key to rounding yourself into well-rounded gentleman. During my recent youtube travels, I uncovered a playlist of the top 100 tracks from Jazz great Duke Ellington. A giant in American music, the Duke was one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century. Check this out!


4 thoughts on “Links For the Day

  1. Three best qualities about your blog: 1) Your posts are always a great read. 2) Your voice is always apparent. 3) You stick to your topic.

    Though I’m clearly not a gentleman, I highly enjoy reading about your thoughts and tips for the guys out there. Nice work!

  2. cdoherty53 says:

    Awesome post. Always made for that true gentlemen. Your blog just screams of awesomeness, or should I say that your blog is all that is man. You are always consistent on everyday gentlemanly things. Also, are you going to keep adding music to the end of your posts? I think that is a cool addition, kind of something to send a person on their way.

  3. jm32coop says:

    One thing I noticed from day one was its great name. There’s no doubt about what this blog is about, and I can see how it would attract new readers. The tone of voice this blog is written in is relevant to your readership, and always will give them a laugh. Nice work, this blog is a great depiction of the American gentleman.

  4. Your coverage of Movember was nothing short of excellent. I really liked the way you used original images on people’s muzzies around campus. You were always consistent with the amount of personality within the content of your posts.

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