In search of Westfield State’s Top Mustaches


November 28, 2012 by pfrancis207

As I return to school from a Thanksgiving that was easily the most satisfying in recent memory, I have bestowed upon myself the daunting task of finding the best mustaches on campus.

Since the Movember season is winding down, I have decided to find the best mustaches here at Westfield and compile their photographs in this post. But getting there wasn’t easy. 5,000 people isn’t a lot on a college campus, but somehow, I feel like this task is a bit more ambitious than I am used to. But I digress.

Monday, 11:30 AM

I venture to my first class, Writing for the Electronic Media, and find a colleague of mine, Randy Burlingame of Westfield, MA, sporting a great mustache. Randy has always been the type to sort of shield his dastardly good looks with facial hair, so Movember is one of his favorite times of year. He pairs the ‘stache with a bit of scruff on the rest of his face, which has had women swooning upon him all month. Writing for the Electronic Media is one of the only places on campus that he is free of unwanted attention.



Monday, 12:40 PM

Shortly after my class, I venture to the Father John Dean Dining Commons to grab a bite. While here, I see a masterful ‘stache on my good friend Nick Donnini of Winchendon, MA. Usually a clean shaven gentleman, Nick has attacked the Movember challenge with great vigor. A dynamic mustache from a dynamic man, Donnini has moved to the top of the Westfield Movember crop.



Monday, 2:10 PM

After leaving the DC, I ran into an old acquaintance who has hit Movember like a hurricane, Matt Meyerdierks of East Brookfield, MA. Matt runs with a dangerous crowd, who ain’t too pretty or proud, including Burlingame and Matt Cyphers, who was cruising through Movember until an outside engagement forced him to shave his burgeoning handlebars (see below). Meyerdierks’ ‘mo is understated while still retaining a presence.







These three mustaches were among the best that I encountered during the past few days. However, the amount of participation I’ve seen throughout the school has been encouraging, that eventually we can shave prostate cancer off the face of humanity!


One thought on “In search of Westfield State’s Top Mustaches

  1. burly369 says:

    Pete you do an awesome job with this blog, especially as far as targeted serendipity goes. I’ve been keeping up with your posts this semester, and I always THINK I know what to expect when I read through, but usually end up finding out something I didn’t even know I wanted to know. You do great job keeping things in the realm of being a “gentlemen”, but you do an even better job of thinking outside the box to keep you blog very original.

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