Movember Essentials


November 5, 2012 by pfrancis207

Here we are several days into Movember, and I hope everyone’s growth is going excellent. Please keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a good mustache. Hell, I’ve been working at this one of mine since the end of May and I’m still not satisfied! Keep on fighting for your follicles, boys, because the whole point of the Movember initiative is to grow the mustache to support those brave men among us who are fighting a far scarier fight.

So to help you with your growing, I’ve discovered four links to some neat stuff that should motivate/aid/assist you in this challenge!

First off, I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Pinaud Clubman mustache wax.

First appearing on the market in France in the early 1800’s, Pinaud makes tons of neat grooming products (hair tonics, deoderant, after shave, etc) and has endured for almost 200 years for a reason: their stuff is the best money can buy. Since I’ve been growing mustaches (and subsequently styling them into handlebars), Pinaud has become my go-to.

At $5 a tube, it is a tad bit expensive, but as is generally the case with everything, you get what you pay for. In the event that you decide to twist your ‘stache into handlebars, I recommend Pinaud.

If you are having a little bit of an issue finding some inspiration for your ‘stache (just in case fighting prostate cancer isn’t inspiration enough), then this book might be for you. “Sweet ‘Stache: 50 Badass Mustaches and the Faces Who Sport Them” is a funny little read that will give you some inspiration, as all of the greats are listed in it’s pages. From obvious icons like Burt Reynolds (see the last “American Gentleman of the Week) and Tom Selleck, to the lesser known but equally impressive ‘staches of Sam Elliot and Dennis Franz, this book will inspire and reinvigorate your growing fervor.

If you’re an experienced statesman of the ‘stache and really want to show support in other ways, you should contact CJay at, a guy I found in my daily internet travels who designs custom razors for any occasion and any customer. He is currently on a Movember team, and is looking to sell custom Movember-edition Mache razors to benefit the initiative. So check him out at and purchase some quality, one of a kind products, like this one to the right.

And last but not least, I give to you this special guide from the good folks at Gillette on how to style facial hair. Now being that this guide is on Gillette’s “library of facial hair”, it’s obvious that the whole point of the guide is to sell Gillette products (which I use every day. I would advise you to follow the leader on this one), some of the tutorials are fantastic. Alot of videos and visual presentations make it a great resource for all the aspring facial hair enthusiasts. So check them out here and see how you get to where you want to be mid-Movember!


10 thoughts on “Movember Essentials

  1. bbator1123 says:

    interesting, informative, original, classy, inspirational

  2. jm32coop says:

    unique, clever, useful, tips, knowledgeable

  3. humorous, individuality, witty, informative, stylish

  4. edauley16 says:

    Awesome read. As a fellow mustache lover, though a less experienced one, I could really connect with this through your enthusiasm for the idea as well as the links you included.

  5. cdoherty53 says:

    Haha the=at hook is amazing. No shave November has started and it is funny to see “… hope everyone’s growth is going excellent.” This post dragged me in from that alone good job.

  6. burly369 says:

    Nice hook on this one, Pete. It’s personable, relevant, and also “mysterious” enough that if a ready isn’t sure what Movember is yet, they will probably keep on reading. I also like how you played off the “rome wasn’t built in a day”… it makes growing a mustache found like quite an accomplishment.

  7. johnmce86 says:

    good job, but i was not able to click on the links you put in the blog.

  8. julia41091 says:

    Neat post, interesting and informative. A post in which I’m sure many men can relate to and gain great knowledge from.

  9. Mark says:

    Nice job integrating images and text with one another.

    What do you think about your classmate’s takes on your ‘values’? Any surprises? Or, any values that you yourself had in mind that you don’t yet see amongst their responses? (If so, what might you do to more clearly convey those?)

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