“The Mustache and Me”: Movember 101


October 22, 2012 by pfrancis207

As October winds down, the undergraduate gentleman comes to the swift realization that his semester is halfway over. So naturally, one panics and thinks that they must cram as much living into what remains of their fall semester. However, many a gentleman forgets the most important month of fall semester, which incidentally falls right after October.

And which month is that? Why Movember, of course!

Now for those of you keeping score at home, Movember takes the place of November on the gentleman’s calender. It has all of the same days and weeks as November (even Thanksgiving!). However, what makes Movember special to the gentleman is that it requires initiative from you. You see, for the entire month, every health conscious gentleman is required to grow a mustache as a mark of support for prostate and testicular cancer awareness.

Unlike the hokey No Shave November’s of years ago, Movember has serious importance. And all across the world, millions of men are sprouting mo’s (good and bad) to raise support and awareness to combat these awful diseases.

My relationship with Movember began two summers ago, between my sophomore and junior years at Westfield State University. I had come off of a second year in which I enjoyed myself a bit too much, and felt a makeover was in order. I got a second job that summer, got my act together, and shaved the scruffy beard I had been working on since the end of the semester. Well, accept for the ‘stache.

Since that summer (save for a few intermittent periods when my girlfriend at the time couldn’t take it anymore), the ‘stache has been an important part of my persona, and Movember is the biggest month of the year for me, as my handlebar mustache takes on a whole new meaning.

Since my mother is a breast cancer survivor, I am fully aware of the horrors of cancerous diseases. They destroy lives and families, and while my mother is alive and cancer free today, I have friends whose parents haven’t been so lucky. But in today’s world of instant culture, something as small as growing a mustache can set off a chain reaction of awareness and ultimately, a cure.

So, in honor of the upcoming Movember season, check out this link (us.movember.com) for the complete lowdown on how you can help this noble cause.


5 thoughts on ““The Mustache and Me”: Movember 101

  1. This is a pretty hilarious post just in the way you wrote it to connect with the audience. But in all seriousness, putting your personal story into it made it that much more relatable. Great job wrapping it up – and adding the link in there!

  2. I always like how you end your posts. Your personal voice is very present in all of them. Very nicely done, once again my friend. Also, I’m very happy for your mother being cancer free.

  3. Great topic. I think that what made this very easy to read was how much of a personal touch you gave to it. The image really helped me make that connection as well.

  4. burly369 says:

    Pete, this post was a great read. You have a really nice flow in your writing. I also really liked the way you ended this post. For the most part, you were being somewhat humorous during the post, but then you get a bit more serious at the end. As a reader, this really drew me in. Now, not only is growing a mustache next month going to be fun for me, but it’s also going to have some meaning behind it.

  5. burly369 says:

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