September 19, 2012 by pfrancis207

Hello, esteemed colleagues worldwide,

Allow me start by saying, welcome to The Great American Gentleman!

When you see this title, I know what you’re thinking: arrogant, pompous, obnoxiously white, middle class. And how incorrect you would be.

Rather, this blog is all about what it is to be a gentleman, a multifaceted man with distinguished taste and well rounded knowledge.

You may be here looking for some sort of high class stuff right now. Who knows, you could even be here to learn more about how to be more couth in public, how to use proper table etiquette, or other high falutin things.

Well, at some point here, we may get to those things, among other gentlemanly pursuits.

In any case, you’re likely wondering, what are “gentlemanly pursuits”?, much less what my definition of a “gentleman” is?

Well, my answer to that question can be summarized by an entry in the Webster’s English Dictionary, which defines the word “Gentleman” as “a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.” Truer words were never spoken, as this succinctly defines this blog.

And, let me add that here you’ll find lots of stuff to interest you, like thoughts on cigars, liquor, clothes, and the arts.

Who knows, you may even come across the occasional post on relationships, family and maybe even table etiquette!

I am excited and honored to share this blog with you, my gentlemanly readers.


Peter M. Francis


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Mark says:

    It’s interesting that you address the blog to both gentleman and ladies; I wonder, why would ladies be interested in being part of your audience – – what’s in it for them?
    Also, I’m interested to see what you mean by ‘openmindedness,’ in how that’s going to be expressed or defined over the course of the semster, how central it will be to the blog.

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